Buy All Homes Houston

Selling Process

How it works!

Step 1
Submit your information and let us know your situation to better understand how we can help.

Step 2
After reviewing your information we will arrange an appointment so we can visit your property to provide a more accurate evaluation. After visiting with you and discussing your situation we will make you a cash offer.

Step 3
Once an agreement is reached and a contract is signed, we can then confirm a clear title and schedule a closing. At closing, once the property has funded, you will be paid cash for your house.

The selling process from steps 1 to 3 can be completed, depending on your situation, in as little as a week.

Unlike a traditional real estate transaction the seller :

Does not have to pay a commissionThis can affect your bottom line by 6% of the sales price!

Does not have to pay closing costsThis can affect your bottom line by 3% of the sales price!

Does not have to wait for time consuming mortgage processWhy wait 45 days for a lender to approve the buyer and have your property subject to an appraiser’s opinion? 

Does not have to make costly repairs – It may take months and tens of thousands of dollars to prepare your home for sale.

Does not have to open their home up to appointments and showings –  No need to have your home open to strangers and window shoppers who are not serious about purchasing.

We here at Buy All Homes Houston want to take the hassle out of selling your home and have a streamlined process in place to ensure a quick cash close.  Act NOW!  Remember the longer you wait the more equity you may be losing in your property each day from any of the following:

  • taxes
  • insurance
  • hoa dues
  • interest
  • maintenance

We Buy All Homes in any condition and situation, let us know how we can help you!

When putting your home on the market there are several property condition factors a Seller must consider.  Also, a good question to ask yourself is, am I willing to take time and money to repair the property to put on the market?


Many Sellers are unaware of how property conditions can affect the sale of a property.  If a property has an HVAC system older than 12 years, miss/damaged flooring in a bedroom, foundation issues, missing appliances, holes in the sheetrock, damaged roofs, or water damage this can affect a buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage for your house.


Lenders will often deem a property with these issues as “uninhabitable”.  We take your individual situation & best interest into consideration and want to help you sell your home fast!

We offer cash, which eliminates any hurdles caused by financing.  With cash, there are no third party conditions to abide by.


If you would like to learn more, please contact us and let us know how we can help.